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IT Audit and Consulting

Infrastructure and Information System Audit:

• Whether you are an executive or a IT manager, you often wonder about your Information system.

• Is your information system performing well?

• Is your information system sufficiently scalable?• Does your information system effectively meet the needs of business services?

• What consequences would a breakdown have on your production?

• Do you have a good command of your network?

• Do you need to outsource part of your services or operations?

• Are you able to assess your IT ROI?• What technologies are most appropriate for your business?

• How can you reduce the operating costs of your IT platform?

In order to answer these questions appropriately, SMIRI Engineering provides you with experienced auditors specialized in the following audit actions:

• Type of audit engagement

• Audit of the IT function

• Audit of computer studies

• Audit of operations

• Audit of IT projects

• Audit of operational applications

• IT security audit

Study and IT consultancy:

Our engineers studies and advisors assure you:

• Review your existing IT infrastructure and prepare a recommendation report in accordance with the industry standard.

• Assistance in piloting IT projects.

• Project management assistance (AMOA): drafting of requirements, specifications, validation of functional specifications, assistance with the choice of tools, user recipe, change management.

• The implementation of short- and medium-term action plans in order to enable the ISD to contribute effectively to the overall objectives of the Ep.

• Optimization of your human resources: preparation of job descriptions and plan to build competence (training, seminars or events, team coaching, communication ...).

• Optimization of your hardware resources: refers to the company's optimal IT architecture reallocation of equipment as required availability and cost of use.